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Dr. Randy Horning
Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate


Chiropractor in Lake Zurich, IL

Chiropractor in Lake Zurich, IL

Chiropractor in Lake Zurich: Palmer College of Chiropractic graduateDr. Randy Horning has been helping patients for many years. Absolute Wellness & Rehab has a long-standing commitment to helping patients achieve whole body health. Every patient is different and receives personalized recommendations and products to improve patient outcomes. Long-term success and health is the ultimate goal.

Relieving pain and treating conditions is hugely important, but the commitment at Absolute Wellness & Rehab goes even further. The state-of-the-art facility is fully furnished with the very latest in alternative health, wellness technologies and equipment. Dr. Randy Horning and his wife Diann have been operating a family practice for over 30 years and treat their patients as if they are members of their own family.

In addition to providing pain relief and long term wellness care through chiropractic care in Lake Zurich, IL, Absolute Wellness & Rehab has many unique treatment therapies including: sports chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, chiropractic care for a safer pregnancymassage therapy, nutritional counseling and more!

Absolute Wellness & Rehab
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Family Chiropractic

We provide holistic chiropractic and wellness care for patients ranging from expecting mothers to infants, teenagers and all the way to senior citizens.

Sports Chiropractic

Sports injury rehabilitation including chiropractic adjustments, trigger point therapy, electric muscle stimulation and physiotherapy.

Pregnancy & Pediatric

Chiropractic care provides for a safer and more comfortable pregnancy along with proper growth and development in infants and children.

Massage Therapy

We have a licensed massage therapist to provide patients with massages including deep tissue, prenatal, relaxation, sports, Swedish and more.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Randy Horning

Chiropractor / Founder

Dr. Randy Horning is a 1987 graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic. He received his CCSP degree (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota in 2001.

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